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‘we’re trendzoneng, we are a commercial website that provides you with all manner of trending information in the entertainment industry, political sector, educational sector, agricultural sector, economical and technological sector of Nigerian and beyond. We also avail people the opportunity to advertise their businesses,products, label, brands and showcase their talents. Trendzoneng presents up-coming artists, producers and fashion designers with an opportunity to promote their music, label,brands,styles and art work. On trendzoneng, you can upload your audios and videos respectively.      

We love moving with the trend and our passion for making trending information accessible is unending. I started this site because of the love I have for keeping abreast with recent happenings and like we all know ‘knowledge they say is power ‘ but I add, information received on time can change  us and the world around us so I thought it wise to make these pieces of information easily accessible to us. We’re looking forward to expansion and diversification. I’d like to personally invite you to stop by (www.trendzone.com.ng) and see for yourself.

Awka Anambra State,



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+234 (80) 347 45804

+234 (81) 681 59749

+234 (80) 787 41986


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